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Data Analysis

Accessing SPSS

Don't know how to access SPSS at UNCW? You can either log into SPSS from the library computers or via Horizon, UNCW's software cloud access point. Once you’ve gotten into Horizon, here are step by step instructions on how to get into IBM SPSS (Make sure to under “I” rather than “S” for IBM SPSS):

We have created some short tutorials for operating SPSS at UNCW.

Using SPSS

SPSS is a statistical analysis software that UNCW subscribes to, and a good choice for users who are managing data and running statistical analyses only occasionally. Statistical options are more narrow than other platforms (such as R), but SPSS is easier to learn for beginners, with pull-down menu options. See below links for an overview of its features, and drop by the library's Data Analysis Drop-In Hours if you need help.