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Data Visualization

Lab in Randall Library

There will be a Data Visualization Lab built in the Randall Library; the expansion project began in June and will be completed for Fall 2024.

The space will have about a 75 person capacity, but would like to be break-downable to be functional as a class workroom and as a showcase presentation space.

One whole wall (32 feet) will have a large LCD monitor that is high definition and touch enabled—it can show up to 4 screens at once.

The library wants to hear what needs you can foresee having about using this room (including software or technical infrastructure). Please contact Research Data Librarian Lynnee Argabright ( for feedback. Though the lab’s technology budget is set, future ideas for visualization technology is always welcome in order to keep imagining this space suitable for the long-term.

Blueprint of first floor of Randall Library, with Data Viz room circled