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International Studies

The resources below are specifically curated to support research related to International Studies


As an interdisciplinary field, International Studies research requires that researchers consult resources in a variety of subject areas. Below, I've included highly regarded interdisciplinary databases as well as important databases in fields that are often consulted in International Studies research. However, you will likely want to look at other subject guides as well, depending on your disciplinary perspectives.

Suggested Scholarly Databases

International Newspaper Sources

Open Access Repositories

The resources below are freely available databases that may include a variety of material: preprint (draft or preliminary) versions of articles, conference papers and/or posters, book chapters, white papers, and more. These repositories help speed up dissemination and enhance discoverability and access to early-stage scholarship across disciplines. 

It is important to note that these materials have likely not been edited or benefited from the pivotal role of peer-review, which validates and improves the quality of final published journal articles.